First Listen Review of Leaked At. Long. Last. A$AP.


When I heard the singles and read the interviews leading up to A$AP Rocky’s album I knew we were all in for a new look at the New York based rapper. The album was affected before release by the death of the A$AP Mob creator A$AP Yams who produced the album. When I got my hands on the leaked version of the album I was in for a treat. This is an experimental album with great production for Rocky. When I say great I mean it. Rocky had samples all over the album from Rod Stewart in “Everyday” to the beginning sample in “Holy Ghost”. The beats never sounded the same and had various change ups in them. To go over this great production Rocky brings a refreshed sound on his take of Women, Money, and Drugs along with an occasional statement about police brutality.  Rocky also showcases various flows from his famous slowed voice to a more melodic singing type. Rocky had multiple artist feature with Joe Fox being all over the album. Artist like Juicy J, M.I.A, Future, Lil Wayne, James Fauntleroy, SchoolBoy Q, Miguel, Rod Stewart, Mark Ronson, Bones, UGK, Kanye West, Mos Def, Acyde, and A$AP Yams featured also. Kanye produced the track he featured on along with Joe Fox “Jukebox Joints” which was a smooth multilayered  beat with a singing background that switched up to a classic horn filled sound during Kanye’s verse. This was an entertaining song where Rocky even drops mention of getting with female artist Iggy and Rihanna. Another song that caught my ear was “Pharsyde” with Joe Fox featuring. The beat was one with a more rich sound of drums and base. The song by Rocky is a emotional, self realization, higher thinking type that is different coming from him. This album is filled with plenty for me to write about but you can read the full review next Monday!


What I will say is this album is great overall and will definitely kick off the summer season well. Rocky makes a bigger name for himself and experiments with his sound. He makes a run for Rap King title against his peers but I’d say he falls short just a little. This isn’t knocking him but dethroning Kendrick would take enormous work all though the production level this album has is right there with TPAB. Read More on my take on A$AP Rocky’s album At. Long. Last. A$AP.  Next Monday!


Just X


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